Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Frugality at its Finest

The Organic Apple Festival was a blast! We had never been to the Rodale Institute and were excited to learn all about their organic agricultural initiative. We were also totally excited to do anything and everything APPLE!

It was such a perfectly crisp autumn day! We looked around and then picked up some baskets to pick our own apples--so fun! 

It was actually quite a hunt, because without the use of pesticides, worms had gotten to MANY of the apples.

Chase did not fully embrace the proper apple picking posture. :)

The ambiance was incredible. There was a bluegrass band playing and it made the entire experience so rich and memorable!

I felt like we had stepped back in time! 

You could also pick your own herbs! How fun is that?!

Before we left, Chase decided that he could not leave without trying an Apple Cider float. He thoroughly enjoyed this autumnal treat!

We had an incredibly fun day and it definitely met our FRUGAL but FUN standards:

Parking = $1
Apples Picked = $1.50 (We picked four...Haha)
Apple Float = $2

Total Cost = $4.50

(We also got some great freebies: coupons, free organic string cheese, free organic chocolate milk, free grocery tote bag, a free temporary tattoo AND a painting/coloring picture!) 
While our plans were to go to The Burgery tonight. We decided to do our own burger night at home. The temptation to eat at home, in our snuggies, and spend the evening on the couch was just too much!

 Local, Free-Range Bison Burgers are SO yummy!

Eating in PJ's is the BEST. Now on to "House Hunters" and "My First Place."
What is your favorite weekend activity? Have you done anything autumnal this weekend?


  1. I remember in elementary school I went on a field trip where we could pick apples and enjoy apple cider. I distinctly remember seeing countless apples with holes, but didn't understand why!

    Didn't really do anything autumnal this weekend, except break out the long sleeves and pants. It's getting so chilly here in Baltimore!

  2. The holes TOTALLY threw me off! I was confused at why they were not perfect and shiny--DUH! I am totally scared to bite into them, for fear that a worm has secretly hidden in it! I think these are going to be best eaten when sliced! :)

  3. aww this looks like so much fun! I haven't been apple picking in so long, I'd love to find a place near me! Also... I'm OBSESSED with hgtv... house hunters is SO addicting. It's the only thing I miss about having cable!!

  4. what a perfect fall day! I totally vote for making dinner at home, it's a lot more enjoyable in my opinion.
    I had a great day as well. Me and a bunch of friends went to a huge fall festival with tons of crafts, food, music, animals etc. It was such a blast!

  5. Oh my gosh... I love apple picking! I have never been... but that is one of my life goals :) Fall & apple orchards just seem to go hand in hand!

  6. How fun! I adore apple orchards! Looks like you guys had a blast. And your poor blender...RIP little guy :(