Friday, September 23, 2011

Frugal Frog Friday: Week 3

Welcome to Frugal Frog Friday: Grocery Store Edition

This upcoming week I am going to take the Frugal Frog Grocery Challenge. The rule of this challenge is to make the groceries I bought yesterday last ALL week. I have a TERRIBLE habit of going to the grocery store multiple times a week. My tendency is to go to the grocery store when I am bored or stressed out. That has been happening a LOT lately. 

I went to two different places to get all of the groceries for this week: Price Rite and Wegmans. I can only get the dehydrated coconut flakes (to make coconut butter!) from Wegmans. Also, Wegmans has much better bananas and fresh fruit. 

Here is my Wegmans bounty:

11 Bananas
2 packages dried coconut
2 cans of no-salt green beans
1 can no-salt chopped carrots
Unsweetened Apple Sauce
Gum (My addiction)
Pecans from the Bulk Food aisle

If you have not checked out the Bulk Food aisle at your grocery store, you are missing some serious frugal frog deals! Pecans are crazy expensive in their pre-packaged state. I saved at least 30% using the bulk bins! 

From Price Rite I got LOADS of goodies:

3 GIANT sweet potatoes
3 Baking Potatoes
1 Cabbage
1 Sweet Onion
1 Zucchini squash
1 Bunch of Kale 
Tomato Juice
Crushed Tomatoes
Stew Meat
1 dozen eggs
Loaf of wheat bread
Hamburger Buns
Generic Shredded Wheat
Generic Rice Krispies
Generic Frosted Flakes
(Chase will totally go through 3 boxes in a week!)

The Grand total came to....

Total = $44.43

I promise I will confess to the blog if I break the challenge!

How much do you usually spend on groceries each week? Do you love grocery shopping or hate it?


  1. Great challenge! Good luck! I don't like to grocery shop because I hate seeing how high the prices keep going.

  2. That is really good. We probably spend about that much per week BUT we get veg every other week from a CSA and mean every other month from a CSA. The money mostly goes to supplement the fruit/veggies from the CSA and for other stuff like eggs, almond butter, breakfast food, etc. that add up easily.

  3. I have a wegmans and a price rite down the street... I haven't checked out price rite yet but i've heard I should! Good luck getting the food to last all week... I've been trying to do the same!

  4. Gosh, that's pretty good. My grocery bills are always a little ridiculous, probably closer to $100 per week for me and my bf together.

    I love grocery shopping when it's not a rushed trip after work :)

  5. nicely done!! i love finding good deals and using coupons. it kills me when i have to pay full price for something haha

  6. We live 40 minutes from a grocery store, so I only go once a week. When I get to go all. by. myself. It's bliss ;)

  7. I find eating lots of fresh veggies & fruits results in a few grocery trips a week so don't feel bad. :) Do you ever shop at the commissary?? Sometimes you can find some really good deals! I find it's the best place to buy spaghetti/butternut/acorn squash because it's usually like .69/lb and most other grocery stores it's around 1.29/lb.

  8. I LOVE grocery shopping and I LOVE Wegmans. My family and I spend about $300/week on groceries, but that's for six of us. It's a bummer to have to spend so much on food, though I think of it as an investment. Healthy food means less health risks so less medical bills! :)