Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have YOU ever been hit by a car?

I have a slight obsession with celebrity gossip. I find it fascinating. This morning when I was checking up on the Hollywood buzz at I found out that one of my fave celebrities was HIT BY A CAR ON A RUN:



Yesterday, Reese Witherspoon got hit by an 84-year-old woman while out on a jog. HOLY SMOKES. One of my deepest fears is accidentally running someone over, but can you imagine running over a CELEBRITY?!

Reese was not injured--phew! But can you imagine how scary that would be? 

So it got me thinking, have you ever had a bizarre/scary experience while working out or running? 

I had a bird poop on me mid-run. It was incredibly unpleasant to have to run 3 miles back home with it still on me. Eeek! I am sure I looked a fright.

On a completely tangential note, do you like Reese Witherspoon? Do you have a favorite Reese movie? 

I like her, and I think she has a super cute sense of style. I want her closet. I also like that almost every picture I see of her she is running or playing with her kids. My favorite Reese movie would have to be "Sweet Home Alabama." That Josh Lucas is so dashing!



  1. Once I was on a run and I swear a bird swooped down and touched my head. I immedietely started sprinting and looking all around me but I couldn't see a bird nearby. I was terrfied for the rest of my run! Oh! also even funnier... I was running down a dirt road and a DEER was running straight at me. There was a car of people driving behind the deer watching me react and I was so awkward. I was literally doing an awkward shuffle with a deer, and thank god it jumped into the bushes at the last second, phew!

  2. one of my good friends got hit by a car running... it scares the heck out of me! She had to go to the hospital, but she didn't end up breaking anything. I've never had anything crazy happen to me!

  3. As I enjoy running only inside my gym, I have never experienced these! Living in a box? Probably. And who doesn't love Reese Witherspoon and her perfect life, kids, wardrobe, etc?

  4. Poor Reese! I <3 her. Did it say where she was at? A couple years ago she bought a ranch in my little hometown, I just wonder if it happen there. I love man in the moon, that is one of my favorites! Sweet home Alabama is good one too! I still want to see Water for elephants, anyone seen it?

    I have never been hit by a car but my poor hubby has several times. I know once on a bike and a couple other times while he was walking or running. Not very lucky, huh?

  5. Love Sweet Home Alabama and Josh Lucas is just so darn dreamy :)

    I haven't really had any scary experiences working out or running but I know people that have.

  6. Katie: Hahaha!! I can just picture you being charged by a deer--that is both terrifying and hilarious! Also, the spectators were just plain mean!

    Meredith: I know! My dad once ran over my sister's foot and I think that is what started my deep fear of cars.

    Hincks: Well, after this post, I think staying in a gym is a very smart way to go!I am glad you share my affinity for all things Reese!

    Samantha: OMG you could totally stalk Reese!!! "Man in the Moon" is a really good movie! I actually have not seen "Water for Elephants." I heard a lot of mixed reviews...Also, send my sympathies to your husband. That is the worst!

    Lyndsie: We should totally start the Josh Lucas Blogging fan club! :)

  7. The other day while I was running I saw two vultures picking at a dead copperhead snake on the side of the road. It literally made my skin crawl.

    Oh, and then there's the time I got attacked by pit bulls. Wanna see?

  8. Meghan,

    Ohmigoodness. You have the worst running luck EVER. I totally forgot the level of gruesomeness of that pitbull injury. You TOTALLY should have sued for emotional trauma. You could be living life as a millionaire. :)