Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Unexpected Afternoon off

Today I found myself with an unexpected free afternoon. After the sheer madness of last week, you would I think I would have been relieved. Instead, I felt SO much pressure to enjoy every single second! (Am I the only when who gets stressed out when I am NOT doing 1000 things at once?) 

After a minor freak out, I decided I needed to soak in EVERY second and force myself to relax.

I decided that the best way to set the tone for the day would be to begin with a nap.

I don't even remember the last time I took a nap. To be honest, it felt superb! 
 I woke up feeling very energized. Why can't we still have mandated naptime every day?  Those preschoolers totally have the right idea!

I then decided to dive into some relaxing reading.

I really want to carve out time to read daily. I always so enjoy sitting down with a book or a magazine, but I have to be more purposeful in setting time to do so. 

While I had planned to go on a run, I decided that it would be more relaxing to take a long walk. So the PaleoRunnerGirl decided to be the PaleoWalkerGirl and I traipsed 5 hilly miles.

Another activity that I delved into was working on paleo-fying recipes from cookbooks and actually HANDWRITING them into my recipe book! I just love the tactile nature of writing a recipe.

(By the way, how cute is this recipe book from Etsy?!)

As super lame as it sounds, I also made sure to drink TONS of water today. 


Does anyone else FORGET to drink water. I always have a water bottle with me, but I rarely have 10 seconds to think, "Hey, you should finish this water!" 

Later, I plan to rope Chase into doing a little Yoga with me; which should be AWESOME (and hilarious).

And last, but certainly not least, we plan to read more from our "book in common." Chase and I are that super dorky couple that has individual books, as well as a "book in common" that we read together. Right now we are reading this book:

Has anyone else read it? We are half-way through it and are on the fence about it still. Hopefully the last half is better than the first! 

What would you do on an afternoon off? Are you good at relaxing, or are you a work-in-progress like myself?


  1. I stumbled upon your blog today and LOVE it!! I am a new follower!!

    Id love it if you would come check me out over at http://karmakristin.blogspot.com/

  2. I would loveee a whole day to myself. The weekends are relaxing, but even so we are usually off doing tons of things, and I rarely like to sit around. But occasionally I love a day in with nothing to do. Sounds like you made the most of it with lots of relaxing activities!

  3. oh my gosh I totally freak out if I'm not doing 1,000 things today. i loved being super busy for 11 hours straight today.. somehow it kept me sane :) makes no sense! Are you reading something borrowed right now?? do you love it? :)

  4. LOVED Something Borrowed!!!! I couldn't put the book down! Read it this summer while I wasn't in school 24/7.
    I don't have afternoons off. But, if I do I'm doing the typical teacher thing and catching up just so I can enjoy those 20 minutes the next day and feeling prepared. :)Oh those 20 glorious minutes!!!
    I like how you decided to enjoy it! Every minute... I need to make that decision more often.

  5. Sounds like Bliss! I'm always at a loss when my mom comes and gets the kids and I have 'time off'. I never know what to do with myself. You'd think I would have a whole list of things I want to do. Ha ha.
    I have been walking a lot on Primal. It still feels weird to me. I miss running.

  6. I Love your blog! Read it everyday and laugh at how silly you are...and joyful!

  7. I prefer to be busy, because when I'm not, I don't know what to do with myself.

    I see you're reading Something Borrowed-- I just watched the movie the other night. Be sure to rent it when you're done reading :).