Friday, September 9, 2011

First Frugal Frog Friday


The first work week of frugality fun is coming to an end today. Due to the fact that I have been working crazy hours this week, I haven’t even had an opportunity to spend money—score! In fact, Chase had to stop by the market to pick up some milk and cereal for himself and he came home with GENERIC brand cereal. This is a big deal because he is a bit of a cereal snob ;-) ! If you have strolled down the cereal aisle lately you know that it can be pricey! You can save $2 a box by selecting a generic brand instead. While that may seem insignificant, Chase goes through about 2 boxes of cereal a week. In a year, we will save over $400 just by buying generic cereal. Plus, he said that he cannot tell a difference—double score! 

Now comes the more difficult part—the weekend. We usually eat out at least 2 times during the weekend. Typically, we will have a nice dinner out on Saturday night and go out for Brunch or a late lunch on either Saturday or Sunday. Additionally, we usually go to the movies or some type of show. We also spend time with our “little brother.”  (Chase and I volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley). Often we will take him to a movie or out to Brunch with us on Sunday.

So here is our frugal, yet FUN, game plan:

Friday night:

Instead of going to the movies tonight, we plan on catching up on the final three episodes of “Suits.”

(Gosh, we will miss this show! It is SO good!)

Savings: $20

We are both participating in a local race at 9am (I am doing the 10k and Chase will run the 5k).I am so excited to fall back in love with RUNNING!

Instead of going out for a post-race brunch, we will go home and I have promised to fix Chase ANYTHING he wants for a celebratory breakfast. (He will most liked choose non-paleo pancakes...I will abstain, he will devour).

Savings: $25

We picked up some grass-fed bison at a local farm, so I plan on grilling some burgers and making sweet potato fries. We will set the table all fancy, light some candles, and maybe break out the non-alcoholic wine we have chilling in our refrigerator. (Haha, we are SO lame! However Fre is pretty delicious!)

Savings: $50

Typically after races, I treat myself by getting a 30 minute massage at a local spa. To save some money, and have some fun, I am making a deal with Chase for a massage exchange. I am such a terrible masseuse, I am sure this will be a very memorable “date.” 

Savings: $50

On Sunday,  we are going to take our "little brother" on a nature walk. The trees are starting to change colors, so it should be a fun experience! We will also make Sun Tea which he will have a ball preparing. He loves to experiment in the kitchen. After our walk, we will come back to our apartment and drink iced sun tea and practice reading. He is such a smartie, but he needs more reading confidence. 

Savings:  $25

Instead of shopping or eating out, Sunday will be our “un-plug” day where we watch as little TV as possible, and use our computers minimally.

We might go out to coffee (actually we are both tea drinkers, but "going to tea" sounds a bit too fancy-schmancy) and people watch. We have a blast people watching together and making stories about the families and individuals we see.

I plan on trying my hand at some crockpot paleo chili, so we will have a chili supper on Sunday night. Chase and I are going to have a “reading” night where we jump in bed with a bunch of magazines, and books. 

Savings: $40


Now this is the "Game Plan" but life does not always go as scheduled. I will be sure to report back on Sunday to let you know how it goes!

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you planning to save some $$$ this weekend?  


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan! Good luck :)

  2. such an awesome post! I love that your husband is on board with you for saving money, that makes it a ton easier. Those are all awesome substitutions without really sacrificing any of the fun or good times. Can't wait to hear how it all goes. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ohhh... good plans! Another fun activity with your brother (as it gets colder) is baking! Not sure how old he is, but the boy I used to babysit LOVED to make cookies in the shape of dinosaurs and then frost them to share with his parents. It was his "contribution" to dinner AND helped with his math.

    Loving the frugal frog!

  4. Glad you've planned our weekend so well, buddy! Sounds fun! I know I have about 12 magazines waiting for me. However, we'll save more like $40 on our little brother activity, because laser tag is expensive, and that's what we were going to do.

  5. Oh my gosh... I am obsessed with Suits! Too bad we don't live closer... we could pop some corn & watch together! :) Great job with the savings... I plan to SPEND $210 :)

  6. Lyndsie: Thanks so much!

    Katie: Thanks! These posts are SO fun! I am excited to get more creative with saving money but still having a blast!

    Hincks: AWESOME idea about baking! Making dino cookies would be great! He loves learning about anything and everything, so I am sure we could do a whole dinosaur date: bake cookies, read dino books, watch Land Before Time...I am SO excited!

    Stephanie: WE COULD BE SUITS BUDDIES!!! Oh golly, that would be so much fun! I am super sad that the season is over! I don't know what will fill the void! :(

  7. Wow - that's great savings and advice there. I might go to a movie though so that's money. But I need a reprieve. I really need to save money though because I'm spending a lot on personal services/issues right now and it's killing my savings.

  8. Thanks, Jenn! Dude, some movies you just have to see in theaters. I am trying hard to keep a balance between frugality and rigidity. I want to save money, but I also don't want to worry about finances. Gosh, money is so complicated.

  9. that is a whole lot of weekend savings!!!! Such a great plan - I try really hard to save money any chance I can (mostly because I'm a college student and next summer I have practicum and I can't work at all - uhhh doesn't make sense. A girls gotta eat.)

  10. I love that you do the volunteer thing! That is so awesome> I'm about to get involved in a charity working with older people near here. Younger kids would actually be the PREFERRED option, but I need soemthing my dog can do too (LAME I know) and apparently the oldies are more open to that idea.
    We are having a pretty frugal weekend too but mainly because we've been lucky enough to be invited to other peoples houses for dinner! :)

  11. This post is inspiring me to save!!
    I actually already spent money last night when I went out and this morning on breakfast BUT I am babysitting tonight, so maybe that counts as canceling out the spending?!