Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Runner

It occurred to me that this little blog has definitely detailed the “Paleo” nature of my life. It has also told you quite a bit about the “Girl.” The one vital part of my life, and the blog’s name, that has escaped attention is the “Runner.” 

It dawned on me that I rarely ever mention any details regarding my running. The reason for this being that my morning run’s have become as second-nature to me as brushing my teeth. Lately my runs have consisted of about 7 miles. I typically run 6-7 times a week. This is actually  a significant decrease in mileage. Last year at this time I was running around 60-70 miles/week. I was a machine. I was flirting with the idea of doing another marathon and feeling incredibly passionate about my daily runs. However, I was also desperately miserable in a PhD program and I think I turned to running to quite literally run away from my life. 

This year, with a slight alteration in my “life plan,” I have gained some much needed peace and contentment. However, I am not quite sure what has happened in my relationship to running. My attitude towards it has altered so gradually that I did not even register the change until last week. With great sadness, I realized that I have become distanced from this close friend and I desperately want to re-kindle the flame. 

For twelve years I have been able to find myself in running. It has been a sacred time for me. Running has been the constant in the past decade of monumental alterations: It helped me find my place in high school on the Cross Country team. It served as a crucial point of commonality between my freshman roommate and me. It acted as an important time of self-reflection as I transitioned from independent college student to a newly-married Master’s student. Most importantly, it kept me sane during my first year as a doctoral student. As overly-dramatic as it sounds, running was my reason to get up in the morning for an entire year. I do not know what I would have done without it. 

So it is time to renew my passion. I have registered for a 10K next weekend, which I hope will be a thrilling re-entrance into passionate running. With the early whisperings of autumn in the air, I think now is a perfect time to fall back in love with running.

Is there a hobby or an activity that you wish to renew? Do you have any tips on how to re-discover a past love?

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  1. yay! good for you for signing up for a race and being proactive about getting back into it. It's tough to take those first steps but I'm sure it'll become second nature for you soon enough. I would like to get back into reading more, I make too many excuses to not sit down with a book but I know I always feel good when I get in some good book time.

  2. Running is one of those hobbies that I've never been able to get into, although I am fascinated with those who can! Honestly, I wish I loved running... maybe it's not too late for me.

    As for school, what PhD program is it? I'm actually beginning to apply for Clinical Psychology programs this Fall and it's an intimidating process to say the least.

    ~S from stinkandhincks

  3. I think running is like cilantro: you either love it with all of your heart, or hate its guts! :)

    I am on "sabbatical" from a Ph.D in English Literature with a focus on transatlantic literature. I remember every single step of the dreaded application process--GAH! Do you have to take GRE's? Where are you applying? I am sending you OOODLES of good luck vibes!

  4. Oh my gosh! That's great that you are getting back into running :) Running 6-7 miles is amazing... that's my goal for this year! Can't wait to read about the 10k. I'd like to run a marathon... but I've been too scared! Perhaps a 5k would work for me... baby steps :)

  5. Signing up for a 10K sounds like a great idea! I definitely suggest "spicing it up," as you are. Sign up for some more races, download new music, set new goals, etc. Good luck!!

  6. Awe thanks for that good luck! I actually took the GREs twice, once just last weekend and once the month before. I wanted to see if I would do any better on the revised version that just came out this August, and... I did great! So happy that is over! I do still have to take the Psychology subject GRE though - boo! As for what schools I'll be applying, it will mostly be around the NYC area and a couple schools in Chicago since we have family there.

    Good luck on your sabbatical and whatever you decide ;) I know it's not an easy lifestyle, or so I have heard.