Friday, September 16, 2011

Frugal Frog Friday: Take 2

Happy Frugal Frog Friday!

This week has been BANANAS. I have been working overtime every single day this week. Consequently, I am dreadfully exhausted, but the house fund is getting lots of extra $crilla this week. However, the unanticipated long hours have left me scrounging for eats at the bottom of the barrel.

Yes, I did in fact steal food from toddlers. Hey, at least it was gluten-free. 

Now, onto Frugality Fun 101. This week we went into e-bay overdrive. On my last trip back home to Kentucky, I went down to the basement and went through boxes of old college stuff. It has been four years since I have seen most of this stuff, but I found some gems in the form of a brand-new harp tuner, shoes, and a jewelry box. We have already sold the harp tuner and are $24 richer. Awesome! I heart e-bay!

Chase got inspired and went through some of his stuff and sold his set of P90X DVD’s for $55. This took all of 15 minutes, we made some extra crash to put in the house fund, AND we got rid of things we were not using. If you have not caught the e-bay bug—you really should! 

Now for the Frugal Frog weekend game-plan. We have been hit by autumn so our weather is divine. The plan for this weekend is to soak up fall.

Friday night plans:

Either watch a movie on Netflix or rent one from the Redbox. We will also be roasting every vegetable in the house. It will be an autumnal feast!


Cost = $1


Saturday is all about the apple.

I am so excited. We are going to the Organic Apple Festival at the Rodale Institute.

Rodale as in:

I am SO excited! I will be sure to take MANY pictures. Even more important, admission is FREE and parking is $1. Um, sign me up!

Saturday night we are actually thinking about going out to eat. We have done SO well at saving and making extra money this week, so we want to do a little something special. Plus, we have just heard about a new-ish restaurant that sounds totally fun, economical, and paleo-friendly. It is called The Burgery. I am pretty sure we can get out of there spending no more than $25. 

Saturday Activity Cost: $26

Sunday we are planning on finally taking our little brother on that fall walk we have been trying to coordinate. The weather looks AWESOME, and completely autumnal, so it should be very fun. Our hope is that we can teach him that being active in nature is even MORE fun than watching TV and playing the DS.

We may come back to our apartment and make something apple-filled to celebrate the season!

Sunday Cost: $0

Chase and I are also hoping to carve out time to read and relax on Sunday afternoon. It should be a nice, low-key day!


  1. this sounds like an AMAZING fall weekend! I can't wait to go to the market to buy apples tomorrow morning :) I love ebay.. i sell a lot of my old textbooks that way just to make some extra $$.. why the heck not!

  2. I love hearing about your fun jam packed weekend! It motivating me to seek out a little more activity. We went hiking last weekend which is always free (minus gas), and made a big dinner with my roommates which saves lots of money too.
    Have an awesome weekend!

  3. Great plan!
    I need to get back on ebay, we have tons of things that need to go.
    The apple festival sounds fun, can't wait to hear about it.

  4. Go out to dinner on saturday - you totally deserve it!! Once this weekend is over I'll tell you how much we spent (converted to dollars) DESPITE trying to save... and you will see how well earned that meal was. We cant seem to leave the house without spending £20! xox

  5. Y'all are THE BEST! :) It sounds like Frugal Friday Fever is spreading! YAY! :)

  6. Ebay is great! My family also sells stuff through Craigslist... it can be addicting.

  7. I never eat out but I do need to get ontop of roasting the veggies in the house before they go bad! eeeeek!
    ...Netflix & redbox can save you a ton, if you can wait for it to come out and not go to the theatre. -Happy Weekend! :)