Friday, September 2, 2011

Sun Tea!

If you have never tried Sun Tea you are seriously missing out! Sun Tea is a way to make iced tea without having to boil water (who wants a steamy kitchen?) or dirty a pan! You harness the energy and heat of the sun to steep the tea, and golly Mr. Sun knows how to make a killer pitcher of tea!

Honestly, this could not be easier. It takes three simple steps.

First you must assemble the necessities: A pitcher, 4-6 bags of tea, water.

I like to make a blend of tea. For this pitcher, I chose “Awake” tea (a robust black tea), two bags of “Ceylon” tea (a mellow black tea) and “Spiced Apple Cider” tea (which is an herbal blend). If you would like, you can make it all one type or choose a mixture as well. I like my tea lightly steeped, so I chose 4 tea bags. If you like strong tea, choose 5-6. 

Here is the ridiculously simple process:
1)      Pour about 1- 1 ½ quarts water into pitcher
2)      Tie the strings of the tea bags together and place into the pitcher

3)      Cover the top of the pitcher and place out in the sun for at least 2 hours. If you are using 4 tea bags, it will take longer. Today I left my tea to "sun" while I was at work.

4)      Pour over ice and enjoy! (Store in the fridge)

I like to add lime, lemon, or orange to my pitcher if I am using only black tea. It gives it a lovely summery flavor! 


This would be a lovely beverage for any Labor Day BBQ's!


  1. Ah this looks so easy! I don't really like tea though but maybe I just haven't tried a good kind that I would like. Any recommendations for a flavor or brand that is really good?

  2. I used to do this all the time when I was younger and then I totally forgot about it!! i LOVE iced tea.. especially unsweetened :)

  3. Love how simple this is!!! Wonder if it works in the wintertime?

  4. I'll have to give 'sun tea' a try :) I am a tea fanatic and am always looking for new ways to brew tea!

  5. Katie: I am SUPER boring and actually love plain Lipton's black tea. However, for my newbie tea friends black currant is often a favorite. Also, Bigelow's "Spiced Chai" flavor is a fan favorite. I would suggest adding one "flavored" tea bag and using 3-4 plain black/green/white teas. You don't want it to be CRAZY strong!

    Kath: I actually have never tried this in the winter? I may have to do so!