Wednesday, August 31, 2011

7 Facts About me

Yesterday the marvelous Meredith tagged me with the Blissful Blogger Award. (If you have not stopped by her blog, you are seriously missing out!) `

It TOTALLY made my day! The rules of the “game” are that I must share 7 facts about me! Without further ado, here goes:

1)      My favorite hobby on earth is people watching and/or eavesdropping. I have an older sister, and my love of “overhearing” conversation began at a very young age. I loved “spying” on her. (Sorry, Hannah!) My people watching is a skill. It is thrilling to contemplate a stranger's identity, just like a character in a book.

In college at William and Mary, I loved sitting on a bench in Williamsburg and watching all of the tourists. It was AWESOME. There is such a random mixture of people of any and all demographics. The matching outfit families were my favorite.The way that people talk and relate is so incredibly interesting.

I also adore people watching and ESPECIALLY eavesdropping when I travel. The airport and on airplanes are perfect opportunities. I even witnessed a pilot and a flight attendant checking in to the airport hotel. There giggling conversation was disgustingly AWESOME. I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing! 

2)      I was a rower in both high school and in college. 

 Princeton wanted me to be in their lightweight crew. The weekend living like a Princetonian rower left me with one pivotal plan: GET OUT. I knew I wanted to row in college, but I also wanted to have a life outside rowing. In my time rowing for W&M I was able to occupy several roles: Primarily I  stroked or was bow seat with light-weight 8 boats.   I also was a coxswain for the men’s crew. Basically I steered the boat and screamed at boys--not a bad gig! :) It was a very COLD job!

3)      I LOVE playgrounds and jungle gyms. I try to play on them whenever I see one. I love the idea of swinging and going down SLIDES! Don't even get me started on the see-saw! When was the last time you did that?

4)      After every race I run, I have to call my mom (Mumsie) to tell her I am alive.

Mumsie fully respects and affirms my physical pursuits, but she also worries sick about each and every one. After every race I have a ton of pictures of me, looking exhausted, on the phone with Mumsie. Lately, we have found that being VERY vague about the distance of each race is a better way to go!

5)      I played the harp in college. I played the piano for 12 years and liked it, but did not love it! The harp was amazing. I enjoyed every lesson. My mom was a concert harpist in college and we own one of her harps. However, she NEVER played for us. She was too bashful! Anyways, I loved playing the harp and would love to take more lessons!

6)      I love entering baking contests!I entered the Emmaus Pumpkin Bake-Off last October. I took this challenge to heart. My kitchen was covered in nothing but pumpkin. My two entries were mini-pumpkin whoopie-pies, and cinnamon frosted pumpkin pop-tarts. I came out with a 2nd place ribbon--it was all in the pop-tart.  I fully plan on participating in this years Emmaus Pumpkin Bake-Off.

7) The final fact about me is one that I try never to draw any attention to, as it often spurs many follow-up questions: I do not drink any alcohol--no beer, no wine--nada! I have tried to like the taste of it, but my revulsion remains. 

This is how I celebrated turning 21: I ordered a Shirley Temple with NINE cherries! It was delicious!

Chase and I wanted to do something to help me remember my 26th birthday so I ordered this fruity drink, where the alcohol was supposed to be basically "undetectable." HOLY SMOKES. It was AWFUL. I literally may have ingested teaspoon by the end of the night. It just tasted SO bad.

I always worry that I am the super odd girl that doesn't drink. Sometimes I am tempted to just order any beer on the menu and just stare at it--just so that friends don't feel like I am  "judging" them. Recently, I have become more comfortable in explaining that I have a genuine aversion to alcohol but have no problem if others wish to imbibe. 

Has anyone else had a problem like this? Is there something all of your friends like to do, that simply is not your cup of tea? How do your negotiate this situation?

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  1. Thanks for the tag :) You are so interesting! And DO so much! I drink much less than my friends, and they tend to not understand why I would ever order a drink out at a bar... but I just do my thing and know I'm doing what makes me happy and is right for me.

  2. yay I loved reading this!! I love people watching! People always think I'm weird because I love airports and I don't mind long layovers, but I just sit there and watch people and lose track of time. creepy? maybe.

    I love that you played the harp - that is awesome. I was typical and played clarinet and piano (but I played for a very long time.. I didn't stop after middle school)!

    And I totally understand the not liking alcohol thing. Clearly I do - hence the name of my blog, but I only like one drink a night (MAYBE 2..). I love the taste, but more than 2 just gives me a stomachache. Unlike my fellow college friends who drink like 2039 drinks a night and are fine the next morning. I don't get it.

  3. Love this post! Thanks for the tag, that is so sweet (I am literally blushing). Are you going to share that recipe for pumpkin woopie pies? As soon as I read that on your blog I said aloud, "those sound amazing".

    And I love that you don't drink alcohol! Because you obviously still are TONS of fun without it! I think it's really sad and a little pathetic that some people can't have a "good time" without booze.

  4. Y'all are so stinking sweet! I often wish I liked the taste of alcohol because the drinks are so pretty! :)

    Katie and Lindsey, I cannot wait to hear your lists!

    P.S. I will absolutely share my pumpkin whoopie pie will be released to my blogging public soon. :) :)