Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A List of My Favorite Things

After a very long day of running, both literally and figuratively, from 6AM to 7:30PM, I am in need of a mental break. One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to make a list of things that make me happy! So, I figured I would share my list with everyone:

1) Birdhouses

I adore bird houses. I have acquired quite a few in the past few years. For some reason they cheer me up every single time I pass one. I just love the idea of a tiny house. I have always been fascinated by odd shaped abodes. When I was a child, I always lingered over the nursery rhyme "The Old Woman Who lived in the Shoe." Dude, I TOTALLY would live in a shoe. Or a tree, like the Keebler Elves. Or in one of Tree House Hotels. Sign me up!

But, back to bird houses. I have them sprinkled around my house: on top of cabinets, on tables, everywhere BUT outside...I do recognize the irony of this fact.

2) Buttons Bronte Masters

This is my puppy. However, she lives with my parents back in Kentucky. I was the one to pick her out and the one to potty train the little bugger. She is the most ridiculous dog in the world. She eats her food one piece at a time and carries each individual particle outside of the kitchen to the hallway, because she does not like anyone to see her eating. SO STINKING STRANGE. Her birth name was Buttons, because she was "cute as a button."  However, when my dad began to call her "Butt," my mom held a family meeting and declared that her name shall be "Bronte." As in Charlotte Bronte, the author of Jane Eyre, her favorite book (and definitely one of my faves, too). The poor dog is going to have an identity crisis, but she is dang cute.

3) Racing

(That is me in the blue shorts. I look like a boy from behind. I have accepted this fact.)

I love running races. Half-marathons are my favorite distance. I do not think there is anything better than the feeling you get after crossing a finish line. Gosh, the adrenaline is contagious! (I also love the free snacks--I am a frugal frog!). Right now I am shopping for another one to run. If anyone has any recommendations of races in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic, let me know!

4) Williamsburg, Virginia

I went to the College of William and Mary. It is where I met my husband,where he proposed and where we married. I have so many special and amazing memories of this little city. I love the Farmer's Market, I love seeing Colonial peeps in the local WaWa buying sandwiches in petticoats, I love it all. I am actually headed there for a mini-vacation this weekend and cannot wait! I was a vegetarian for most of my college years, so I am excited to explore the Paleo options! 

What are some of your favorite things? 


  1. Your puppy is SO incredibly adorable!!! And I love that picture of Williamsburg!

    I'm loving my vacation right now and NEVER want it to be over :)

  2. Thanks Cait! Little Bronte is my favorite! :)

    And I completely agree with your sentiment regarding vacation!