Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Mango Allergy and a Recipe for a Post-Workout Paleo Snack

I am what some may call an allergic person. I have endured many years of allergy shots. I am allergic to anything and everything that grows outside. I also have a deadly allergy to shellfish and have been cautioned to stay away from all seafood. I carry an epi-pen on me at all times.

The good thing is I always have a sense of humor about my allergies.

On Sunday, I discovered I have a new food allergy.

The Mango.

Unfortunately, I found out about said allergy after whipping up Everyday Paleo’s “Kids Love Cabbage Slaw.” I was heartbroken that I could not finish this amazing dish. However, I then decided not to let this mango allergy get the better of me—I was going to adapt the recipe to my own unallergic tastes.

Enter  “No Allergy Cabbage Slaw”

Recipe for "No Allergy Cabbage Slaw" adapted from Everyday Paleo

2 cups chopped purple cabbage
½ chopped summer squash or zucchini
1 chopped nectarine (a bit underripe is best)
2 skinned and chopped kiwi
1 ½ tbsp Balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil
Pepper (if desired)
Sprinkle of pecans or coconut

1)      Mix all together, just be sure to add kiwi in last, as it is less robust
2)      Enjoy!

I enjoyed this today as a post-workout snack. It was awesome because it gave me a good mix of carbs with a bit of fat from the olive oil and coconut/pecans.  I very deliberately added the kiwi because it is a good source of potassium and fiber. I really try to have a potassium-rich snack after my runs to replenish electrolytes and prevent muscle cramps. 

What is your favorite Post-Workout Snack? Do you have any food allergies?


  1. I have an intolerance to salt.... If I get too much, my body rejects it within an hour or less! My head hurst so bad, my stomach feels like a knife is trying to cut through, and I NEED to vomit or get rid of whatever my body has take in. Seafood seems to be the worst for me..... If something tastes salty at all, I can't have it......... Your humor is too funny! My husband is allergic to corn and it is one of his favorite foods. And bananas too, they taste 'Hot & spicy' to him! HA!

  2. I think I would die if I was allergic to Bananas! That is SO funny that they taste spicy to him! Allergies are so strange (and unpleasant!).

  3. allergies are the worst! I'm obsessed with mango, I can't imagine being allergic to it :( at least you found a delicious way to adapt the recipe!

    I used to break out in hives when I ate strawberries but I think I kept eating them so much that my body just stopped fighting them.

  4. Oh goodness, strawberries are amazing! I am glad you "ate" your way out of your allergy! haha! Maybe I should try that with mango...