Monday, August 29, 2011

My Paleo "Must Have"


Gosh, I missed this little blog! I went back home to Kentucky and left my computer at home--the horror! Actually, it was amazing. To "unplug" for 4 entire days felt really good! And it has made me excited to get back into the metaphorical saddle. 

Today I wanted to talk about one of my paleo "must-have's." 


The glorious CHIA SEED! 

I am unfortunately deathly allergic to shellfish. Numerous doctors have *STRONGLY* cautioned me to avoid all seafood, as my allergy appears to be getting worse. 

This is unfortunate on both the level of taste, and even more so, nutrition. My diet is lacking in vitally important omega-3s. I have low HDL levels, so I really would like to up the omega's in my diet. Enter, chia seeds!

While I call this my paleo "must have," this TOTALLY pertains to any and all--regardless of your eating style. The benefits of increasing omega-3 fatty acids in your diet is undisputed. Omega-3s reduce inflammation in your body, thus reducing chances of heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. PLUS, it helps your brain. Holler.  (For more info, go here.)

So, I picked up these at the grocery store:

You can find them in the "organic" section of many conventional grocery store or in the baking/seed aisle of Whole Foods/Fresh Market/Wegmans. These little beauties are stocked with omega-3's and they are an easy addition to my morning smoothies. They also add thickness to the smoothie which I definitely appreciate. 

 This article expounds on the wonderful nutritional info on chia seeds. Most importantly, it refers to them as a "functional superfood with 20% Omega-3 in each seed."  Um, AWESOME! 

I bought the bag for around $7. While I thought it was expensive, it is darn cheap compared to wild-caught seafood! Plus, all I need is a tablespoon. This bag is going to last quite a while! You can also sometimes buy them in the bulk food aisle, which would save you a dollar or two. 

I am excited to get my HDL level checked in a couple of months and see if my HDL's are improving. I will definitely keep you posted! 

How do you get your omega-3's? Have you ever had chia seeds? Any good recipes to share? 


  1. I take fish oil and eat chia because fish is so expensive for me right now. I don't love salmon either, gasp. I also eat grass fed beef which has more omega 3s than typical grain fed beef. I hope I get enough!

  2. Katie,

    I totally forgot about grass-fed beef having omega-3s! I may have to put burgers or meatballs on the menu this week! Yipee! :)

  3. Isn't it so nice to unplug? I love chia seeds and also fish too. Salmon is my all time favorite.

  4. While we all missed you, I'm so glad you had time to unplug! It's so necessary to do. I've never had chia seeds but i've seen them all over blog world! I really want to try them.

  5. You girls are the best! Thank you for understanding the need to unplug! :)

  6. I LOVE chia seeds. Adding them to oats and yogurt are my favorite way to utilize them - love how thick they get with the addition :)

  7. I am seeing the relevance of chia seeds, and think I need to get myself some of these guys. Where are you from in KY? I live in Cincinnati :)

  8. Lindsey,

    You should totally jump on the chia bandwagon! :) I grew up in Louisville, and that is where my parents still live. I never thought I would miss it, but I truly do! How do you like Cincinnati?

  9. I soak chia seeds in coconut dream or vanilla almond milk over night for a nice tablespoon of "pudding" in the morning. YUM

  10. That is brilliant!!! I will be sure to do that tonight!!!