Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend in Bethesda and DC

This weekend I went down to Bethesda and Washington DC to spend some time with my husband. I did not know how much I would get to see him because his schedule can be crazy, but we actually were able to spend some quality time together—Woohoo! 

I missed this guy!

Another motivation for this trip down to Bethesda, is the fact that there is a high possibility that we will be spending the next 5+ years here. The Naval hospital has an ideal pediatric neurology position for chances are we will most likely be there. Last year I had an awful first experience in Bethesda, thus the mission of this weekend was to fall in love with the city. 


Mission: Accomplished.

We had an awesome weekend. Bethesda is super cute and has an amazingly active community. They have tons of farmer’s markets, walking/running paths, and a great overall vibe! That part of the trip went well.

I also loved Washington DC. The last time I was there was my 8th grade class trip, so this was an incredibly awesome experience. DC is a wonderful town!

 We stayed at the Fairmont DC. 


It was perfection.  It smelled like a spa. They served you lemon-infused water upon check-in and the room was spectacular. 

Chase and I grabbed dinner, where he proceeded to take poorly-timed pictures of me. Awkward.  

After a lovely meal we walked several blocks down to the White House. How cool is that?! 

While I did not feel like we did a lot of walking, by the end of the day we had racked up 9 miles—WOW! I could get used to walking-friendly city living!

When we woke up this morning we went on a run to the Lincoln Memorial. It was so much fun. Also, I am one of those crazy people who LOVE running stairs, so running up those steps was amazing!

The problem with this trip was that I had a hard time eating 100% paleo. While I fully embrace the whole 80/20 perspective, my stomach really does not. I felt lousy this weekend. 

I dipped into the bread basket, and I paid for it big time.

We had several meals with some of Chase’s new friends, and I suddenly felt a great deal of pressure to “fit in” with their food choices. When they wanted to share dessert, or passed me the bread basket I instantly morphed into a shy and insecure middle schooler willing to do anything to “go with the flow.” What the heck? I was so frustrated with myself when I was doubled over in pain. I am an ADULT. I can choose to eat and not eat whatever I want. 

And then, when my stomach was dying, I suddenly became overcome with a terrible shadow from my past, the "I already fell of the bandwagon, nothing else matters now" attitude. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my frosting shot from Sprinkles Cupcakery.

Sadly, deliciousness is temporary; a spastic colon is forever. I paid dearly for this mistake. 

While I am now back on the saddle again, I am still paying for my dietary indiscretions. It seems like the farther I get into paleo (and the better I feel), the worse my body feels when I have a gluten/dairy interaction. I am headed home to Kentucky at the end of the week, and I am already trying to mentally prepare to bring my Paleo A-game! 

Any advice on how to stay the course with tricky dietary preferences? Do you ever feel food peer-pressure around friends?


  1. Those photos aren't awkward.... They are GREAT! :) ...Glad you found out that you like the possibility of living in a new place! DC looks like a great time and since you were in the 8th grade, I bet you appreciate it more now!
    I don't have complete restrictions on my diet but I am always around people who are used to my weird eating habits. It seems like the paleo is working out really well for you & that's great!!! :) -Feel better.

  2. It took me a couple of months to be able to not give in when co-workers tell me to try this and that and not be rigid. I gave up wheat a year ago, simple carbs like rice and rice bread in February, and all the rest of grains (corn, legumes and so on) in June. When I do cheat (like, twice a month for a bite) - I pay. It got easier to pass an urge.

  3. I found your blog through Carrots 'n' Cake. Love it! I have recently started trying to eat more Paleo.

    Also, I was born at the Bethesda Naval Hospital! I'm glad you enjoyed the city.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Bethesda! I have come to adore DC/surrounding areas as well. It can be an adjustment, but you will never be bored there.

    It's so funny that you mention having to "fit in" with eating. Although I haven't tried paleo, I always try to eat healthfully while traveling for work. Sometimes it's awkward because my clients will make comments ("ohh you're being HEALTHY." Umm...yes I am, and I threw up in my mouth a little over your disgusting looking cheeseburger) but in the end you always have to please yourself. Because if you're not going to, nobody else will!

  5. Looks like a fun trip! I'm lucky enough to have an unrestricted diet so I can pretty much eat anything that's put in front of me. I do choose to eat healthy while I'm home, so if I go out to dinner I allow myself to splurge a little and get whatever looks good.

  6. It's so funny how our bodies tend to keep us in line that way. Prior to eating this way I had no idea how overall bad food made me feel! I'm so new I am trying to stick to 100% as much as possible, I just know my personality...a little here, may turn into a little more over there ;)
    Plus, I feel so great, I don't want to go back!

  7. Kerri,
    Gosh, I totally agree! I had no idea how sick I was until I changed the way I eat. Now I finally see how bloated and uncomfortable I had gotten used to feeling. This weekend those feelings came back--I was not a fan!