Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Things I Love

Today I am having a bad case of the misses (for the husband). I just miss being with my best friend. I miss the everyday things. So I thought I would make a list of things that I love:

1) Well, this is a cop-out, but I love my best friend (Chase!). Despite the fact that we did not meet until college (at William and Mary), we have decided that we were destined to be best friends/husband and wife. In fact, proof of this fact occurred when we were both 4 years-old. 

We both were Indians for Halloween! See, we are meant to be! When I made this discovery looking at old photo albums, I made sure to document this fact and we gifted these pictures to our parents for Christmas two years ago. 

2) I LOVE the movie "You've Got Mail."


I realize that this is an incredibly sappy chic flick, but it fills my heart with joy. In undergrad, we read an essay that analyzed the anti-feminist message of the movie and I just wanted to cry. However, I refused to let it ruin this movie for me!

One afternoon, after a very awful week, my husband and I made a pilgrimage up to New York City and visited all of the major places in the movie. It was AWESOME. This was actually the first movie my husband and I saw together, so it holds an extra-special place in my life.

This is a picture of Kathleen Kelly's apartment. I still cannot believe it exists in REAL life:

3) I LOVE shoes. High heels to be exact. I have about 30 "functioning" pairs right now. I have the hardest time parting with my old shoes, so that is why I have to make the caveat of functioning. I seriously have a rainbow of colors including, but not limited to: blue, pink, red, purple, brown, gold, black, gray, navy, etc. The list goes on and on!

My favorite pairs right now are my gold, sparkly Steve Madden shoes.

My shoes are the prettiest, right?! They are about 5 1/2 inches and I LOVE them!

4) I love Rockport, Massachusetts.

It is this tiny little town on a rock jetty about 45 minutes north of Boston. Seriously, I wish I could live here. My aunt used to run a pottery shop there and it is such a magical little town. "The Proposal" was actually filmed there, which is a fun little factoid. 

 We try to get up to Rockport about once a year. Right now we are attempting to plan a trip up in September. The ocean breezes are so amazing in the early fall months. I love running around the town.  Also, the Bed & Breakfast's up there are so quaint. Each time we travel to Rockport we stay somewhere new, which is fun!

5) I love tea. Hot tea to be particular. Black tea to be even more precise. I do not do flavors--just plain "Liptons"/ Orange Pekoe tea.

I actually never really liked iced tea, but I have just recently given it another try and I think it is growing on me! I do not drink anything other than water and Hot Tea. I actually do not drink any alcohol. It just tastes really strange to me. I have tried beer and a variety of wine and hated all of it. I guess this works quite well with the paleo eating style! :) 

What are some of the things you love? What is your favorite movie? Favorite place? Favorite beverage?


  1. I love my little Maltipoo!
    My favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada.
    Favorite place is KY! (and I'm glad to "meet" a native. I'm actually a transplant from Ohio)
    Favorite beverage is a toss up between ice cold water and Pinot Noir.

  2. Hi Nik!

    The Devil Wears Prada is SUCH a good movie! I love Anne Hathaway! I also love all of the outfits--I want her closet from that movie!

    I agree with your love of KY! It is Southern goodness at its finest! :)

  3. Aw, I think it is sooooo sweet that you have the misses for the husband. That's a good thing! :)
    I LOVE disney movies, actually that would cheer me up quite a bit. Maybe I should go put one of them in... :) And drink a glass of wine. What a combo! HA!

  4. just found your blog and HAD to comment because 1.. I love Rockport!! and 2.. I love shoes! looking forward to reading more :)

  5. Julie--I LOVE Disney movies, as well! They always put me in a good mood!

    Hi Meredith!
    I am so glad you found my blog! I am also thrilled to have a fellow Rockport fan! I just checked out your blog and I am excited to read about your equal regard for shoes! :) :)