Monday, August 1, 2011

Musings of a Gym Rat

I am in love with treadmill running. It is sad, but true. It started when I moved to Philadelphia with my husband a mere 8 days after our wedding. Having grown up in the farmlands of Kentucky, I was not accustomed to city living or city running. I have always been blessed with my mom's amazingly dreadful sense of direction, so I get lost OFTEN. Add to that a love of Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds, I realized I was 1 run away from a possible life-threatening situation and/or death. (I have a VERY active imagination). Enter my love for the treadmill--no roads, no perps lurking behind bushes, and no guilt at catching up on my favorite reality TV shows (Any Real Housewives fans out there---I have seen every single episode of every single season of every single county...sad, but true). 

Long story short, in running anywhere from 50-80 miles/week, I have spent MANY hours on the work-out room treadmills in the last four years. 

Enter "Musings of a Gym Rat." I have seen IT ALL. I LOVE watching people, especially people at the gym, because human-beings are SO STINKING FUNNY! The idiosyncrasies of humanity are awesome. 

Today's "Musing" hails from the Radwyn Apartment work-out room in Bryn Mawr, PA. 
Underneath the 70's "Brady Bunch" facade was a truly memorable "1st Apartment" experience. And their work-out room, which consisted of 2 treadmills, a bike,  and 2 elliptical machines IN AN EXTRA APARTMENT was the epitome of sketchiness. It also smelled like an odd blend of Clorox wipes and Indian food--awesome. 

Every Monday morning when I was running on the treadmill Wendy* would come to work-out.Wendy was a sweet women in her 50s. The first time Wendy came, I was surprised at her choice of workout wardrobe-- khaki shorts, a nice shirt, and CLOGS. Having a history of ankle/foot problems, I was particularly concerned about her feet in those clogs. Much to my surprise--she kicks of her shoes and jumps on the treadmill in her BARE FEET. Wendy than continues to walk--with an incline of 5--for 23 minutes. Despite my best efforts to pay attention to the Today Show, I cannot help glancing next to me. 

After 23 minutes, Wendy disembarks from the treadmill. I then believe she will step back into her clogs and go on her merry way--but boy was I wrong. She then goes into the bathroom (let me remind you that we are in an empty apartment, so the bathroom has the same amenities as all apartment bathrooms, ie. A BATHTUB). Much to my chagrin, Wendy chooses not to close the door. "Clearly, she is not utilizing the facilities." Is my first thought. "Maybe she is just blowing her nose?" Is my second thought. And then I hear it-- the bathtub water starts running--SHE IS CLEANING HER FEET. 

She then steps out of the bathroom, dries her feet with the brown paper towels, and walks over to retrieve her clogs that are still resting by the treadmill. Wendy then smiles at me and departs. Workout--CHECK. Foot wash--CHECK. Awkward Gym Moment #1--CHECK!

Mondays were always my favorite days to be at the gym. :)


*Names have been changed

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  1. Ahahaha - Oh. My. Goodness. People are something huh? It never ceases to amaze me the strange habits people adopt! That was an amazing story.