Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quick and Easy Paleo Lunch: Featuring Soft-Boiled Eggs

Today was a crazy day at work. I worked  11:30 AM- 8PM so I had to pack a bunch of paleo snacks to keep me going. As I was preparing my lunch at 10AM, I made my FAVORITE, but incredibly simple salad:

2 soft-boiled eggs
A handful of chopped pecans
Spinach, romaine, radicchio mixture
Cherry tomatoes

The best part of this salad is the soft-boiled eggs. I make sure to keep the yokes runny and pop each egg before eating and it makes the most fantastic “salad dressing.”

If you have never soft-boiled eggs, it is very EASY. There are only four steps:
1)      Cover eggs with cold water and bring to a boil
2)      As soon as the water comes to a boil, take it off the burner
3)      After 4 minutes, place the eggs in a bowl of ice water
4)      Wait about 2 minutes and peel

Done and done! 

What are your favorite quick and easy lunches?


  1. I love topping salads with fried eggs to use the yolk as a dressing also! The creamiest and most nutritious dressing out there! Quick lunches for me- huge salads topped with tuna!

  2. I adore soft-boiled eggs, which are a new thing for me since starting Paleo. I was actually going to list that as my must-have! I make very similar lunches: greens with different veggies and avocados, eggs, canned salmon or nuts. I usually cook my eggs one minute longer and the yolks aren't totally running to be able to use as a dressing. Totally trying this next time.

  3. It looks like my love for eggs on salad are shared by many--yay! It is such an easy way to boost protein! With great trepidation, I am going to try to vary up my salad choices this week--I am attempting to get familiar with cabbage! Ah!